iComic & ComicViewer

Listed in Cydia’s Changes are two new applications iComic & ComicViewer. The description is as follows:

“Unfortunately for comic fans, iTunes converts all photos (or jpeg comic images) to a downscaled resolution when transferring to your iPhone or iPod touch so comic jpegs are unreadable. ComicViewer and iComic utilise the touch-screen zoom, landscape view and accelerometer to provide a great portable electronic comic book reader and zipped image viewer.”

Just installing these now so news on what they are like as yet, if you already have these then do let me know how your getting on with them


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5 Responses to “iComic & ComicViewer”

  1. magon Says:

    i would really to use this
    but i dont know how
    is there a manual somewhere?

  2. studangerous Says:

    check out the thread at http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23759 for full details (Google is your friend…)

  3. theiphoneupdate Says:

    Thanks for popping along, regrettably my iPhone gave up on me last night before I had a chance to play with these apps and I had to do a complete restore. I don’t think it was anything to do with these apps as my iPhone had been threatening to give up for a while becoming increasingly less stable.

    Back to topic, there is a huge amount of information on these apps from the author himself at http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23759

  4. theiphoneupdate Says:

    Talking about the Author and as if by magic he has appeared 🙂 Thanks for dropping in studangerous.

    Just to clarify I have just reinstalled these applications without any problems at all on my frteshly restore iPhone 3G running 2.0.2 FW

  5. studangerous Says:

    To avoid confuısion: I’m not the author of iComic or ComicViewer. The project owners are Japanese and I’m just in contact with the current Google code project Librarian, Yama. He’s the brains behind the port to 2.0+ and the one who deserves the credit fro all the past and future updates. I’ve just been busy providing information on using the app, converting to other languages and keeping a thread running at ipodtouchfans on this great little prog for anyone interested. So full respect to Yama (whose blog can be found at http://cfuncname.seesaa.net – tho you’ll probably need to feed it through babelfish). Enjoy

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